Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club has equality, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of everything it does with the newly formed Bailliefields Community Hub having this in its charity objects:

“The promotion of equality and diversity in everything we do, providing equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender, ability, and ethnicity. To remove barriers by being open and offering opportunities to all to volunteer and participate.”

The ethos of the club is to treat all equally which can be seen in the design of the new fully accessible modular changing rooms with facilities to cater for all needs and a main access path suitable for all visitors. So, when Cricket Scotland asked for applications to become a Disability Champion Club this was an obvious way to further these aims.
Over the last few years, the club has grown its support of groups that may not attend traditional mainstream activities to provide them with equal opportunities to take part in sport. The club follow a simple process to create and support programmes by firstly identifying a need then finding partner groups to jointly deliver these programmes. The club have several established programmes that will now be part of Cricket Scotland’s Disability Champion Club programme allowing these to grow and provide a competitive element.  The Enhanced Provision All Stars programme developed by WRCC in partnership with Cricket Forth Valley is now a key part of Cricket Scotland’s Disability Cricket Pathway which the club are extremely proud of.

In recognition of al the clubs hard work they were presented with Cricket Scotland’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion award in February 2020.

This followed the club gaining national recognition for their hard work and effort by winning the 2019 Sunday Mail / SportScotland Local Club of the year with SportScotland praising the clubs “‘… impressive community work and approach to inclusiveness, …”.


Plus Forth Valley Sessions
These sessions came from speaking to one of the club’s juniors parents who was happy her daughter had so much choice with dancing and cricket but her son, who was autistic, had a lot less to get involved with and do, the club felt they wanted to see what they could do to improve this.

To equip their coaches, the club provided a Coaching Children with Autism course to ensure that the sessions provided the best experience possible. This training showed the importance of controlling noise, importance of physical demonstrations and letting the children move in and out of the session as they wanted and to ensure they felt comfortable.

The club ran three sessions tailored to the needs of the children and delivered onsite at Plus Forth Valley in a familiar, comfortable, and safe environment.

This training has proved invaluable to coaches who also run the club’s main offerings of All Stars (5-8) and Westies which are attended by children with autism and ADHD, providing a better experience for them and ensuring their continued participation in main stream activities.


Try Something New – Alzheimer Scotland
A relative of one of the club’s Directors was diagnosed with Alzheimer so they investigated activities available to them and found several things they could do in Glasgow but a similar search in Falkirk did not return very much.

To see how the club could help they reached out to Alzheimer Scotland and started working with the local dementia advisor. A one-off trial with cricket and archery was held in November 2018 with fantastic feedback from all who attended.

In January 2019 the Try Something New Group was formed and ran by the club with marketing and links to local people living with dementia provided by Alzheimer Scotland.

Activities done by the group to date include:

  • Cricket
  • Archery
  • Ball Room Dancing
  • Italian
  • Photography
  • Dementia Dogs
  • Petanque
  • Indoor Curling
  • Tennis
  • Indoor Bowls
  • Drumming
  • Chair Yoga
  • Tai Chi

The club have reached out to other community groups to support the programme including Laurieston Tennis Club and Laurieston Bowls Club.

In 2019 the club were nominated for the Best D

ementia Friendly Community Initiative award at the Scottish Dementia Awards.

From all the entries the group were selected as one of only three finalists and invited to attend the awards ceremony to help celebrate the achievements of those outstanding individuals, groups and organisations making a difference for people living with dementia and their families across health, social service, and community settings.

The awards took place at the Raddison Blue Hotel in Glasgow with the club hiring a minibus to take some of the group’s members, two directors of the club and two employees of Alzheimer Scotland to the event.

Although the group did not win everyone was extremely proud of being chosen as a finalist in the group’s first year!

“It has been really rewarding to see the personal development of those who took part in the activities displaying their strengths, potential and willingness to learn new skills. Some members have gained such pleasure from some of the activities that they wish to pursue some of these activities out with the session, and I know at least one member who has downloaded a yoga app onto their phone.”
Justine Davidson, Dementia Advisor

For 2021 a partnership with Physio Led Pilates, a club sponsor, will see them deliver sessions for the group later in the year.


Table Cricket- Forth Valley Disability Sports

Table cricket is well established in England with the finals of the national competition being held at Lords Cricket Ground. Within Scotland there were sessions being run in areas such as Perth but nothing in the Forth Valley.

The club investigated running sessions and purchased a table cricket set and sourced a table tennis table. Contact was made with Graham Harvey of Forth Valley Disability Sports as an established provider of activities for disabled people.

Graham loved the game which allows people with varying disabilities to play together along with able bodied people. It was added to Forth Valley Disability sports regular sessions and delivered by the club in conjunction with Cricket Scotland.
Table cricket will be an integral feature of the clubs new Disability Section as part of its work as a Cricket Scotland Disability Champion Club.


Enhanced Provision All Stars

One of the club’s coaches does not work on a Friday and was keen to provide opportunities for children not attending the club’s mainstream activities. In consultation with Falkirk’s Active Schools Disability co-ordinator a link was made to Easter Carmuirs Enhanced Provision class.

The Enhanced Provision class is attended by children with physical disabilities, learning difficulties or autism and they initially took part in a four-week programme as an introduction to cricket using the clubs All Stars kit.

All the children really enjoyed the sessions, but the club did not want it to just stop. Working with Cricket Scotland and All Stars the school was set up as an All Stars centre which meant that the school got its own equipment so they can always play cricket.

The club gave up its share of the cost (rrp £40) with Beyond Boundaries supplying funding and the remaining cost was covered from the schools PEF funding (Pupil Equity Funding is additional funding allocated directly to schools and targeted at closing the poverty related attainment gap).

This meant that there was no cost to the families with all 12 of the children receiving their own hat, t-shirt (with name), rucksack, bat, and ball.

“The funding available to subsidise the program enabled us to sign up all our pupils and get them involved. This would not have been possible if it were not subsidised”
Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

The 8 All Stars sessions were delivered by the club and Cricket Scotland and the kids all loved it! The teachers also noticed behaviour improvements and hand/eye co-ordination improvements over the sessions.

“Parents have been very positive with many of them reporting that their child is using their first kit at home. The All Stars programme was delivered by excellent coaches who understood the needs of our pupils and really invested in them. Our pupils would find it extremely challenging to access mainstream class due to their additional needs, so this opportunity has been fantastic for them. We would recommend All Stars to other Enhanced Provision.”
Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

At the end of the eight weeks the All Stars each received a certificate and medal to congratulate them on their hard work and fun they had during the programme.
The medals and certificates were presented by club Director & Coach Stephen Sutton and Kevin Taylor a trustee of Cricket Forth Valley SCIO.

In August 2020 when schools in Scotland returned after the first lockdown the first thing the EP class asked to do was to go outside and play cricket!

Enhanced Provision All Stars is now part of Cricket Scotland’s Disability Pathway.


It’s celebration time for more clubs, communities and leisure trusts across Scotland as they receive a share of over £900,000 of investment in the latest round of awards from sportscotland’s Sport Facilities Fund.

Westquarter and Redding Cricket Club will benefit from £100,000 of investment and ongoing support from sportscotland to realise their ambitions of improving access to sport and physical activity in their local area. This investment is made possible thanks to National Lottery players, who raise £30 million each week for good causes across the UK.

This award-winning club already plays a significant role in the lives of the local community, having been recognised for its work on inclusion and diversity. This project will enable the club to install more appropriate changing facilities which will enable them to further develop women and girls’ cricket and attract more minority ethnic members, as well as developing their youth and disability cricket sections.

The existing barn will be converted to a social space allowing the club to develop their existing and aspirational community engagement programmes.

Minister for Public Health and Sport, Mairi Gougeon, said:

“This latest investment from sportscotland’s Sport Facilities Fund will help make a real impact in communities across Scotland. Over the last year we have seen the vital role sport and physical activity has played in supporting our communities to stay connected and be more active.

I’m pleased to hear that more projects are benefitting from this latest round of funding which will support local projects to ensure more diverse and inclusive opportunities are available in communities whilst increasing access to sport for all.”

In total, £903,686 will be shared by 11 projects across 10 different local authorities in Scotland from East Lothian to the Shetland Islands. The investment will support clubs and communities in their aim to improve access to sport in their local community and to deliver sustainable projects.

Chief Executive of sportscotland, Stewart Harris, said:

“It is fantastic to see the ambition and commitment from the people behind these projects who are working together to improve the lives of their local communities.

We know that sport and physical activity can play a part in Scotland’s recovery from COVID-19. Facilities like these will not only allow more people to participate but can also provide a place for communities to come together and support one another as we work our way out of these challenging times.

“It’s important to recognise that without National Lottery players this level of investment simply would not be possible so we must say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought a National Lottery ticket.”

Stephen Sutton, Director Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club C.I.C, welcomed the investment:

"We are delighted to receive this funding from sportscotland after spending the last six years growing the club from 35 members to now over 200. In addition, we have had an increasing focus on supporting our local community, working with groups such as Alzheimer Scotland, Forth Valley Disability Sports and Plus Forth Valley, providing opportunities to people who may not be part of mainstream activities.

The new fully accessible modular changing rooms will allow us to grow our disability section as well as providing suitable facilities for our mixed gender and mutli-cultural members.

The Community Hub element has been over two years in planning to design facilities that deliver our sporting and community ambitions while factoring in available capital funding. This money will allow us to kick off Phase 1 giving a tremendous boost for all associated with the club, and giving deserved recognition to the years of hard work by the Directors, who I would personally like to thank for their efforts."

The sportscotland Sport Facilities Fund makes awards for capital projects designed to create or improve the places where people take part in sport and physical activity.

Priority is given to projects that widen access to participation or allow people to progress further within their chosen sport locally by removing barriers, particularly for under-represented groups, and in rural areas or areas of deprivation.

Projects are encouraged to engage with sportscotland’s facilities team at the earliest stage to ensure that their plans will have the greatest impact, make the most of the available investment and continue to meet the needs of their local communities in the future.

Since April 2007, sportscotland has invested over £192 million of Scottish Government and National Lottery funding to help sports clubs, community groups, local authorities, sport’s governing bodies and other organisations deliver new and upgraded sporting facilities across the country.

 Local MSP Angus MacDonald

Today is the final day of business in Parliament before the election, which also means I’ll no longer be able to submit motions congratulating local success stories, so I was lucky to squeeze this one in this afternoon. Congrats to Westquarter and Redding Cricket Club who have been engaging well with their local community and have some exciting development plans:

Motion Number: S5M-24463
Lodged By: Angus MacDonald
Date Lodged: 24/03/2021
Title: Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club Secures £100,000 Sport Facilities Funding

EP All Stars

In June 2019 on the back of 4 successful taster sessions at Easter Carmuirs, Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club approached Cricket Scotland’s Development Officer for Forth Valley in regards setting up an opportunity for pupils with enhanced provision needs at Easter Carmuirs Primary School to experience the All Stars Program.

             “The club {WRCC} already has a successful junior section with 112 children from 4 upwards but we wanted to give an opportunity to children who would not necessarily be reached by the usual programs” - Stephen Sutton, WRCC Junior Convenor

Easter Carmuirs is in an area of Falkirk that is affected by a high degree of deprivation, with opportunities for pupils to engage in sports programs extremely low. It was quickly identified that we would have to offer the All Stars program at little to no cost for any participants while still giving them the full experience received by those going along to an All Stars Centre run at a Cricket Club.

Cricket Forth Valley, the development group for the regions cricket clubs had no hesitation in coming on board with the proposal and offered to fund 75% of the overall cost to each participant. This was made possible thanks to support from Beyond Boundaries who accepted CFV funding application to set up an Enhanced Provision All Stars program. By committing £1200 towards the running costs it allowed us to reduce the cost from £40 to just a £10 sign up fee per child.

             “Cricket Forth Valley……are committed to the advancement of public participation in sport through the provision of opportunities for children living in the region to get involved in playing cricket. Alongside our mainstream cricket programs, we are focused on disability & Inclusion cricket programs” – Kevin Taylor, CFV Secretary

With CFV offering to subsidise children’s sign up fees, Easter Carmuirs Primary School then committed to paying the remaining £10 per children which meant that all children could sign up for the program free of any financial burden to their parents.

             “The funding available to subsidise the program enabled us to sign up all our pupils and get them involved. This would not have been possible if it was not subsidised” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

With the funding for children’s places finalised, we contacted the ECBs All Stars support team about setting up this centre at a Primary School. With their assistance we were able to register the centre ensuring no cost was required to sign up and that all pupils would receive the same experience as their mainstream counterparts.

A week before the start of the 8 week program, WRCC received all the pupils kit bags which were handed out on the morning of the first session


“All our pupils loved their kit bags and T-shirts” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

 The 8 week program turned out to be a roaring success, run from Mid-August to Early October we were blessed with dry and sunny weather every week allowing us to be outside the whole time


Every week the sessions were run by Stephen Sutton (WRCC) and Barry McGeachy (Development Officer), ably supported by the Easter Carmuirs Enhanced Provision Teachers who had just as much fun as their pupils.

“the sessions delivered were tailored to our pupils needs and enabled them to develop their hand/eye co-ordination, balls skills and teamwork” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs


The school also benefitted by signing up to the All Stars program as they received a full centres kit bag, which now enables them to continue providing opportunities for their pupils to play cricket during school time and continue their personal development.

“the club {WRCC} wanted more and for the school to be able to run their own cricket sessions” – Stephen Sutton, Director & Coach WRCC

“to be able to provide an opportunity for these kids to experience exactly what their mainstream peers do was absolutely fantastic and a joy to be involved in setting up. The smiles and joy on the pupils faces each week when we turned up was the highlight of my week. Just an absolute pleasure to be a part of and I look forward to returning to Easter Carmuirs as well as making this program available across all regions in Scotland” – Barry McGeachy, Cricket Scotland Disability Officer


“As a club we are delighted with how well Enhanced Provision All Stars went” – WRCC

“We were very delighted indeed how this new initiative All Stars program was received by parents, school staff etc. As well as how much the participants have personally benefitted and achieved to date, the pupils would like us without doubt to run the All Stars every week come rain or shine” – Kevin Taylor, CFV

“Parents have been very positive with many of them reporting that their child is using their first kit at home. The All Stars programme was delivered by excellent coaches who understood the needs of our pupils and really invested in them. Our pupils would find it extremely challenging to access mainstream class due to their additional needs so this opportunity has been fantastic for them. We would recommend All Stars to other Enhanced Provision.” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

With the success of this pilot centre we are now looking to the future and giving other Enhanced Provision Schools across the whole of Scotland the opportunity to have All Stars delivered to their pupils. The ability to provide this program at little to no cost is vital to its delivery and being able to show these children what ‘they can do’ and giving these schools the resources to provide cricket opportunities all year round.

Langlees Primary School

In March 2021 the club will be working with Active Schools Innes Partson to bring cricket to Langlees Primary School.

Langlees Primary School P6-7 Nurture Group is a small group of students who struggle in a classroom environment who have been engaging in various sports activities including Football and Rugby.

Fiona Beaton, the teacher running the group, got in touch with Innes as one of the students asked about the possibility of trying cricket as part of these activities.

The club were delighted to be asked to support Langlees and will deliver 3 sessions during January and February 2021 on the schools all-weather pitch.

A review of the sessions will be posted in February once the sessions have been delivered.

Bailliefields Community Hub

Plans are in the pipeline for a community facility in Brightons which would also provide a new purpose-built base for the historic Westquarter and Redding Cricket Club.

It is hoped the centre, to be called ‘Bailliefields Community Hub’ could be open by 2021 if funding and planning permission is secured. It will be run by Westquarter and Redding Cricket Club, which became a Community Interest Company (CIC) last year in a bid to provide more services to the local community. This followed a move in 2015 by committee members to secure a 25-year income for the club by opening a children’s nursery on site in partnership with Glenbervie Kindergarden.Various local groups and charities already use the existing premises but now the five CIC directors, Stephen and Helen Sutton, Umar Aslam, George McLauchlan and Paddy O’Growney want to go a step further by creating a ‘pioneering’ new community model which other clubs can follow.

Stephen Hub min

Stephen Sutton, who has been a member of Westquarter and Redding Cricket Club for the last 36 years, said: “The idea came about as a result of us realising that we need to build new changing rooms as they are no longer fit for purpose due to having almost 200 members, many of them female.

“We decided therefore that rather than just build a new facility we should take the opportunity to build a new club house which can be used by the whole community as we are in the fortunate position of owning our own land which is just over eight acres.

“We heard about a similar project at Broxburn United Sports Club (BUSC) so we went along there to get some ideas.”

Club members recently held a launch for the proposed new Bailliefields Hub which was attended by representatives from various organisations including SportScotland, Cricket Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland as well as local councillor Gordon Hughes and Polmont, Brightons, Reddingmuirhead and Maddiston Community Councils.

Angus MacDonald MSP also wrote a letter pledging his support.

“The day was a huge success and proved there is already a great deal of backing for this project on a local level,” Stephen said.

”Following the launch we have arranged a series of presentations to the local community councils to enable us to reach out to people who live locally and let them know what we are planning and seek their views on what they feel the community needs.”

Stephen said he and his fellow club directors will be spending the next few months putting together a business case for the project, estimated to cost around £500,000. They will then apply for funding from SportScotland, Robertson Trust and the Big Lottery before seeking planning permission from Falkirk Council.

“All being well we are hopeful building could start in September 2020 with a view to the new Bailliefields Community Hub being ready to open its doors by 2021,” Stephen said.

Plans may still be at a relatively early stage but the project is already causing a great deal of excitement.

“There’s definitely a lot of enthusiasm for the new hub among club members, our volunteers and the local community and Glenbervie Kindergarden owners have also pledged their support,” Stephen said.

“We’ve had some brilliant artist impressions drawn up by architectural technician James Moles and we’ve also received excellent advice from sports marketing expert, Svend Elkjaer.

Stephen added that the club hopes to build on its existing work with community partners and charities.

“We recently held a session with Alzheimers Scotland which was a great success and are planning a number of further events,” he said.

“We also want to continue our work with our juniors and encourage more girls to get into cricket. Additionally we want to ensure our facilities are inclusive for all so people with disabilities can also enjoy the benefits of the hub. We are looking into the option of incorporating a Changing Places facility in the new building.

“Ultimately we want to deliver a hub that the whole community can enjoy and feel proud of.”