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In June 2019 on the back of 4 successful taster sessions at Easter Carmuirs, Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club approached Cricket Scotland’s Development Officer for Forth Valley in regards setting up an opportunity for pupils with enhanced provision needs at Easter Carmuirs Primary School to experience the All Stars Program.

             “The club {WRCC} already has a successful junior section with 112 children from 4 upwards but we wanted to give an opportunity to children who would not necessarily be reached by the usual programs” - Stephen Sutton, WRCC Junior Convenor

Easter Carmuirs is in an area of Falkirk that is affected by a high degree of deprivation, with opportunities for pupils to engage in sports programs extremely low. It was quickly identified that we would have to offer the All Stars program at little to no cost for any participants while still giving them the full experience received by those going along to an All Stars Centre run at a Cricket Club.

Cricket Forth Valley, the development group for the regions cricket clubs had no hesitation in coming on board with the proposal and offered to fund 75% of the overall cost to each participant. This was made possible thanks to support from Beyond Boundaries who accepted CFV funding application to set up an Enhanced Provision All Stars program. By committing £1200 towards the running costs it allowed us to reduce the cost from £40 to just a £10 sign up fee per child.

             “Cricket Forth Valley……are committed to the advancement of public participation in sport through the provision of opportunities for children living in the region to get involved in playing cricket. Alongside our mainstream cricket programs, we are focused on disability & Inclusion cricket programs” – Kevin Taylor, CFV Secretary

With CFV offering to subsidise children’s sign up fees, Easter Carmuirs Primary School then committed to paying the remaining £10 per children which meant that all children could sign up for the program free of any financial burden to their parents.

             “The funding available to subsidise the program enabled us to sign up all our pupils and get them involved. This would not have been possible if it was not subsidised” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

With the funding for children’s places finalised, we contacted the ECBs All Stars support team about setting up this centre at a Primary School. With their assistance we were able to register the centre ensuring no cost was required to sign up and that all pupils would receive the same experience as their mainstream counterparts.

A week before the start of the 8 week program, WRCC received all the pupils kit bags which were handed out on the morning of the first session


“All our pupils loved their kit bags and T-shirts” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

 The 8 week program turned out to be a roaring success, run from Mid-August to Early October we were blessed with dry and sunny weather every week allowing us to be outside the whole time


Every week the sessions were run by Stephen Sutton (WRCC) and Barry McGeachy (Development Officer), ably supported by the Easter Carmuirs Enhanced Provision Teachers who had just as much fun as their pupils.

“the sessions delivered were tailored to our pupils needs and enabled them to develop their hand/eye co-ordination, balls skills and teamwork” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs


The school also benefitted by signing up to the All Stars program as they received a full centres kit bag, which now enables them to continue providing opportunities for their pupils to play cricket during school time and continue their personal development.

“the club {WRCC} wanted more and for the school to be able to run their own cricket sessions” – Stephen Sutton, Director & Coach WRCC

“to be able to provide an opportunity for these kids to experience exactly what their mainstream peers do was absolutely fantastic and a joy to be involved in setting up. The smiles and joy on the pupils faces each week when we turned up was the highlight of my week. Just an absolute pleasure to be a part of and I look forward to returning to Easter Carmuirs as well as making this program available across all regions in Scotland” – Barry McGeachy, Cricket Scotland Disability Officer


“As a club we are delighted with how well Enhanced Provision All Stars went” – WRCC

“We were very delighted indeed how this new initiative All Stars program was received by parents, school staff etc. As well as how much the participants have personally benefitted and achieved to date, the pupils would like us without doubt to run the All Stars every week come rain or shine” – Kevin Taylor, CFV

“Parents have been very positive with many of them reporting that their child is using their first kit at home. The All Stars programme was delivered by excellent coaches who understood the needs of our pupils and really invested in them. Our pupils would find it extremely challenging to access mainstream class due to their additional needs so this opportunity has been fantastic for them. We would recommend All Stars to other Enhanced Provision.” – Debbie Campbell, Enhanced Provision Teacher, Easter Carmuirs

With the success of this pilot centre we are now looking to the future and giving other Enhanced Provision Schools across the whole of Scotland the opportunity to have All Stars delivered to their pupils. The ability to provide this program at little to no cost is vital to its delivery and being able to show these children what ‘they can do’ and giving these schools the resources to provide cricket opportunities all year round.